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The Nine Best Places for Budget Dinner in Budapest

One of the most frequent things that our Budapest free tour guides are asked at the end of the city tour is “where’s good to eat”? There are many answers to this question, depending on what kind of cuisine you’re hungry for, what kind of café or restaurant is desired, where about in the city you’d like to eat and, of course, the price!

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Budget Eats in Berlin

Bored of your travel diet of microwave noodles? Then you'll be pleased to discover that along with exceptionally cheap beer, Berlin is the perfect city for eating out on a budget. Boasting a multitude of cafes, restaurants, and takeaways, it's easy to eat your way around the world without breaking the bank. Renowned for its bustling food markets and multicultural cuisine- whether a kebab from the infamous Mustafas, Vietnamese curry, or healthy vegan salad  - Berlin is a city where even the fussiest of eaters can satisfy their bellies. Intrigued? Here's my essential list for the best budget eats in Berlin for under €10:

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Prague: Best Eats from Around the World

Finding a diverse list of cuisines in Prague is never an issue. Nowadays, you can find anything from Brazilian, to Thai, to Italian. The problem is knowing where to go. The common mentality is that if a restaurant is downtown, it's good. Friends, do not be fooled: Prague offers fantastic food outside Old Town and the city centre, so go out and discover the endless options! Chances are the area will be more local and the prices more appealing. If you're craving a bite after a free walking tour in Prague, here's your guide to the best and cheap eats in Prague from around the world.

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