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The best things to see in Prague's Malá Strana district

While the Old Town revels in popularity among visitors, the Malá Strana district is a must-visit for any curious traveller to Prague. Directly translating as ‘Lesser quarter’ in English, there certainly isn’t anything ‘lesser’ about the beautiful, sloping Malá Strana district at the foot of Castle Hill. Here are our seven best things to see in Prague’s oldest neighbourhood.

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Things you should know about Czech beer

The average Czech drinks about 156.9 litres of beer per year, which makes it the world’s top beer drinking country. In fact, more beer is consumed there than water. Want to know what’s interesting about it, the different types and where to find the best quality beers? Keep reading!

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Prague: Best Eats from Around the World

Finding a diverse list of cuisines in Prague is never an issue. Nowadays, you can find anything from Brazilian, to Thai, to Italian. The problem is knowing where to go. The common mentality is that if a restaurant is downtown, it's good. Friends, do not be fooled: Prague offers fantastic food outside Old Town and the city centre, so go out and discover the endless options! Chances are the area will be more local and the prices more appealing. If you're craving a bite after a free walking tour in Prague, here's your guide to the best and cheap eats in Prague from around the world.

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