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Saint Patrick's Day 2022 in Dublin - all you need to know!
The month of March usually brings with it two welcome things in Dublin; daffodils begin to colour the parks & gardens of the city with dots of yellow, ushering in “a grand stretch in the day” as we wish good riddance to winter, and two - Saint Patrick’s day is just around the corner! The past two years have seen rather subdued Saint Patrick's Day celebrations in Ireland, due to the pandemic, so will this ....
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17 Things You Need to Know About Dublin 17 Things You Need to Know About Dublin
Date: 12 January 2022
Updated January 2022 Ah Dublin, a world of its own. People flock here for the heritage, the history and the Guinness; but ....
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Our Dublin Free Tour returns! Our Dublin Free Tour returns!
Date: 11 December 2021
It's been a long five hundred or so days since our last free tour of Dublin, the unforeseen break bringing a halt ....
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Generation Tours Covid-19 Updates Generation Tours Covid-19 Updates
Date: 06 September 2020
It's been a crazy few months, and it's looking like things are not going back to normal anytime soon. So, we must ....
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How do free tours work?
How do free tours work?

What is a free Tour? It's much the same as a traditional paid tour, except you're free to decide how much you pay at the end of the tour. The tour guides don't get paid from any other source, only from the amounts people choose to pay after the tour, so they really must be top quality guides and provide excellent service!

We believe this is the best way to ensure unbeatable quality tours on fair terms, keeping you in control while we deliver exceptional experiences across our network. That's why all of our tours in all of our cities are free tours.

We allow our guides the freedom to deliver unique, insightful, and honest tours - we're not tied to a script or local tourism body agenda, Generation Tours guides are free to take you on a 'warts and all' experience, to really get under the skin of the city and get a real understanding of the history, culture and society that shaped it!