21 Reasons You Need To Visit Dublin In 2015

Date: 6 January, 2015
21 Reasons You Need To Visit Dublin In 2015
There are so many reasons why every backpacker should check out Dublin. As Ireland’s capital, it’s cobbled streets and narrow roads are lined with some of the liveliest bars in the world. As small a city as Dublin is, it sure has a lot to offer.

21. The People

Irish people have a world reputation for being a fan of the drink (which is true in some respects). But what you many not know about Irish people, is that they are notorious for their friendly nature and overbearing helpfulness. There is another key characteristic about Dublin folk, is that they are one of the easiest people to talk to. Because they never stop talking!


20. The Streets


Dublin architecture is so varied; between the cosy, cobbled streets of Temple Bar, to the old Georgian houses on Merrion Square, down to the cosy cottages on Sandymount Bay. From each street, you can really sense the history behind these buildings. It’s definitely one of the most photogenic cities in Europe.


19. The History


From the Celts. Irish High Kings to the Vikings, the Normans and English imperialism. Dublin’s history goes back thousands of years. If you’re a history fan, then Dublin is a must-see! Who knew so much scandal could happen to one small city!


18. The Nature


Dublin offers so many beautiful parks in its city centre! St. Stephen’s Green in summer is filled with families, young people, and cute ducklings! Many gorgeous parks are hidden away. So why not grab a picnic blanket and check it out! My favourite is St.Kevin’s park behind Camden Street ;).


17. The Doors


The Georgian Doors along Merrion Square are famous for their flamboyant colours. In retaliation of the English oppression, inhabitants painted their doors different colours. Nearly a hundred later, they’re still looking as colourful as ever.


16. The Literature


Joyce, Wilde, Beckett, Kavanagh: the list goes on! Ireland’s capital was home to many of these literary greats! On June 16th every year, Bloomsday is celebrated in Dublin’s city centre. You can dress up in periodic clothing and follow the trail of Leopold Bloom around Dublin.


15.  The Nightlife


Dublin is renowned for it’s “bar-culture”. Dubliners love heading out for a pint, a chat and perhaps a dance. Head out to any pub for a session and the conversation will be amazing! Clubs aren’t that popular in Dublin, but if the most famous one is called ‘Copper Face Jacks’, and it’s certainly worth a visit!


14. The Grub


Dublin’s gourmet scene isn’t huge into small portions for a lot of money. There are so many great places with great, wholesome food for backpacker prices. Fresh seafood, Guinness stew and a carvery would be the most popular (and delicious) dishes you’d find.


13. The Mythology


Ghost stories, Devil sightings and Leprechauns, Dublin has it all. Ask around the bar and you’ll be sure to find someone who has a great ghost story! They’ll swear by it too! The Dubs are very superstitious and aren’t afraid to show it.


12. The Art Scene


Whether you’re a lover of modern art, street art or everything in between, Dublin has it all. With plenty of art galleries and street art hot spots, creativity within this city is never-ending!


11. The Guinness


Whether you're mad about Guinness or not, you can't get a decent pint of the stuff unless you're on the Emerald Isle. Dublin itself has a huge array of pubs that pride themselves on how well they can pour a pint of the black stuff. But when it's poured right, oh sweet Mary and Joseph is it good! Tip: No matter what, never rush a Guinness. If drank before it settles, you'll be getting a strange look from those around you.


10. The Dublin Bay


If you're lucky enough to be sitting at the window seat while flying into Dublin airport, you'll have your breath taken by the beautiful bay on which Dublin is built around. From Bray Head to the Poolbeg Chimneys, all the way up to Howth Head. Dublin's bay holds so many great beaches, hiking spots and seaside towns which make great for day trips! With the vast blue Irish sea in front of you, the greenest grass in the world beneath your feet and the fresh air in your, it's a little piece of heaven on Earth.


9. The Live Music


Dublin plays host to hundreds of live music venues; anything you want, a bar in Dublin will have it. From traditional tiddly-de music to jazz, and even reggae music mixed with laser beams noises (true story) it's all there. So head grab your fellow backpackers and head out to listen to some fantastic musicians and have a bop!


8. The Day-Trips


As I previously mentioned, Dublin Bay is full of seaside, day-trip goodness (such as Howth pier pictured here). However, other awesome day-trips to places such as Glendalough Lake in Wicklow is well worth a Google search! If day-trips are a bit of a stretch for you, go for a walk in Europe's largest gated park - The Phoenix Park. Grab some beer, watch the deer graze and take in the beauty of this stunning park!


7. The Shopping


Not only does Dublin has the big high streets names and boutiques, but a huge array of thrift shops and markets! Temple Bar, Dublin's cultural quarter, is home to numerous quirky thrift shops where you can pick up some awesome clothing for a decent price. Plus a whole bunch of weird sh*t that would be hilarious for any occasion!


6. The Multi-Cultural Buzz

Brazilians, Eastern Europeans, American Erasmus students, Dublin's has become a city that has something from all over the globe. Into Brazilians? Dicey's pictured above is infamous for its multi-cultural crowd on Tuesday nights. Dubliners tend to be very open people, welcoming people no matter where therefrom. Most of the time, they'll consider you exotic and be very interested in hearing about where you're from.


5. The Liffey


The Liffey is the river which separates Dublin into the northside and the southside. Take a sunrise walk along the riverside to see Dublin's the glow from the redbrick buildings, the shine off the Dublin's newest buildings before finding yourself in the bustling docklands.


4. The Manners

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Dublin is the only place in the world where you say sorry for anything; even if someone bumped into you! They always say thank you to the bus driver, and you'd be considered the biggest arsehole in the world if you don't buy your round of drinks. The Irish people really use their manners, which is probably one of the reasons they're considered the world's friendliest people!


3. The Chats


If there's anything Dubs love, it's a pint/cup of tea and a grand aul chat. Many tourists are surprised to walk into bars in Dublin and find the entire bar hopping with conversation. If you're a solo traveller, Dublin is definitely the place for you, as if you're seen having a pint on your own, you can count the moments until a group will ask you to join them.


2. The Common Tongue


One tiny problem you may have with Dublin folks is that they talk really fast. But I must assure you, they are speaking English! Once you get your ear around the accent, you'll find yourself calling everything "grand", asking people "What's the craic?" and crawling around Coppers looking for the "shift" (Google it *wink*).


1. The Craic


If it's a serious good time you're looking for, then look no further. Dublin has the best banter in the world; the mix of fantastic, witty and friendly people, mixed with cosy bars and a hopping nightlife makes for the memorable trip! So what are you waiting for! Come join the craic!


Article by all-Dublin, Guinness loving Catherine Munnelly.
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