Dublin has a timeless legacy for quality beer brewing, and was home to an absolutely thriving beer producing economy throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Join us to learn the fascinating story of our brewing heritage, how our world-famous Guinness brand dominated the brewing scene here for centuries, and the remarkable impact it has had on Dublin and indeed Ireland as a whole. We will also delve into our burgeoning craft beer revolution as we learn about local craft brewers and enjoy free samples of locally produced, quality craft beers - many of which can only be found in Ireland, in Dublin, or indeed, in only one pub!

  • Dublin's brewing heritage
  • The Guinness legacy
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral & Iveagh Trust
  • The Irish Craft Beer revolution
  • Free samples of local craft beers
  • The official World's Best Stout
  • Dublin's only brewpub
  • The brewing process & micro-brewery
  • Beer & Food pairing recommendations
  • Lovely local guide