About us

We believe that excellent quality city tours and experiences with friendly locals and professional guides should be easily accessible to all travellers, regardless of budget, and on fair terms. That’s why we offer more daily free tours than any other provider across our network of five European cities – Dublin, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and Barcelona.

What’s in the name

Things are changing; a new generation of travellers tour, explore, and discover differently. The free walking tour concept is an alternative to the conventional paid tour whereby you are free to decide the value and pay what you like, what you can afford, or what you feel the tour was worth, at the end; but this isn’t such a new concept anymore, actually, it’s already quiet popular around the world. What makes us extraordinary though, is our approach to making the free tour unbeatable for a generation of travellers who will never have to feel ripped off, let down, or disappointed by a walking tour experience in our cities again!

Generation Tours Free Walking Tours Are Different!

For too long, the free tour has been regarded as a second-rate or ‘lesser-tour’ for budget-travellers, run by students and underqualified amateur guides and, in many cases, designed to upsell you onto a paid tour or promote other products to you. Well, not on our watch!

Where can I join Generations Tours Free Tours?

Generation Tours operates a number of daily free walking tours, as well as our night-time activity, The Backpacker Pub Crawl , in Dublin, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and Barcelona. We operate a number of different free walking tours in each of these cities, offering general tours as well as theme-specific tours focusing in-depth on particular topics, and all under the free tour model which keeps you in control and free to pay what you like at the end of the tour.

How did it all begin?

Generation Tours was started in 2012 by two guys, Ivan and Ray, in Dublin because we knew that a wonderful city like this, so rich in culture, artistry, character and characters, history, stories, story-tellers, and incredible locals deserved better quality free tours than were available – and so, what is today called Generation Tours, began. Visitors loved it, telling us they had never enjoyed or appreciated a free or paid city tour so much before. We soon expanded our mission of providing unrivalled city tours and experiences to thousands of curious and fun-lovin’ travellers to Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Barcelona in addition to Dublin.

Bringing smart-travellers and authentic local professional guides together, helping visitors see these places through the eyes of genuine locals, to feel the atmosphere and pulse of these cities, and leave them feeling happy, fulfilled, and enlightened is what we’re all about, and we still delight in championing top-quality free tours and fantastic night-time pub crawls today, providing truly valuable and fun experiences to a new generation of travellers.