What is Generation Tours?

We believe that excellent quality city tours and experiences with friendly locals and professional guides should be easily accessible to all travellers, regardless of budget and on fair terms. That’s why we offer more daily free tours than any other provider across our network of 5 European cities.

Generation Tours operates a number of daily free walking tours, as well as our night-time activity, The Backpacker Pub Crawl, in Dublin, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and Barcelona. We operate a number of different free walking tours in each of these cities, offering general tours as well as theme-specific tours focusing in depth on particular topics – all under the free tour model which keeps our guests in control, and allows them to choose what to pay, if anything, at the end of the tour. We delight in meeting and providing unrivalled tours and exceptional service to thousands of curious and fun-lovin’ travellers every day in these five cities and will soon add more cities to our network, championing the increasingly popular top-quality free-tour concept and our night-time pub crawl activity.

Generation Tours is part of the HostelCulture group, an Irish firm which owns and operates a number of brands in the travel sector ranging from tour activities, online booking platforms for tours & tour providers worldwide, and online booking platforms for accommodation, particularly hostel properties, across the globe.

The HostelCulture group was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 2012 with the aim of promoting hostels and the culture of hostelling and social travel. Generation Tours & our Pub Crawl began in Dublin in 2012 with the aim of offering fantastic free tours and great value activities, all designed to embrace the fun, social spirit of travelling and bring like-minded people together for valuable shared experiences. We soon expanded our reach to Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Barcelona in addition to Dublin and we still love bringing smart-travellers and authentic local professional guides together, helping visitors see these places through the eyes of genuine locals, to feel the atmosphere and pulse of these cities, and leave them feeling happy, fulfilled, and enlightened.