The seat of the Prussian Kings and Kaisers, Potsdam is generally regarded as the jewel in the crown of both the Prussian Empire and the German Empire. A town heavily damaged during the second world war, is today a thriving historic centre with its unique Dutch quarter, magnificent palaces, and gardens - discover it all on our Potsdam tour.

Book this private tour of Potsdam and explore one of the most beautiful towns Germany has to offer. We’ll walk through the rise and fall of the Prussian Kings and German Kaisers, their lavish lifestyles and beautiful summer homes, be taken in by the stories of how the Kings consolidated their power and used their wealth to define a town, but don’t be fooled, Potsdam isn’t all palaces and Kings! At a defining moment in world history, Potsdam had its place in both the rebuilding and the division of Europe in the latter half of the 20th century. From visiting the site of the Potsdam conference to exploring where spies met over the river, we’ll see how the Cold War also played out in this pristine little German town on the Potsdam tour.

  • Potsdam city centre
  • Sanssouci palace & park
  • Orangerie
  • New Palace & Marble Palace
  • Cecilienhof & The 1945 Potsdam Conference
  • Frederick the Great
  • The Dutch Quarter
  • The Church of Peace
  • The Soldier King
  • The Cold War Spy-Swap Bridge