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Things you should know about Czech beer

The average Czech drinks about 156.9 litres of beer per year, which makes it the world’s top beer drinking country. In fact, more beer is consumed there than water. Want to know what’s interesting about it, the different types and where to find the best quality beers? Keep reading!

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Hello darkness my old friend – Delightful Dublin in Autumn

I very often find myself accompanying my movements through Dublin city with a theme tune playing in my mind, even singing along at times. This morning was no different and the song in my head was an oldie I recently picked up from a Dublin gentleman at a local ballad session. It’s called the Dublin Saunter and declares in its soothing tempo that “Dublin can be heaven with coffee at eleven and a stroll in Stephen’s green”.

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Generation Tours Guide To The Best Craft Beer In Dublin

You may have read our recent recommendations for pubs in Generation's Guide to the Best Pubs in Dublin in which we promised a dedicated recommendation list of our favourite craft beer pubs in Dublin to come soon... well here it is! We brought you our choice of Irish craft beers and the best craft beer in Dublin recently, which also included a little bit more about the brewing scene here, you can read it here, and below is our personal pick of the pubs to taste them in. Some are craft beers only (no Guinness – Really, in Dublin?? I hear you ask – Yep!) and some offer both craft beers and their 'waterier' cousins. Of course, with a note of subjectivity and in no particular order.

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