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Hipster guide to Dublin

Dublin, with its vibrant art and music scene, quality coffee and food offerings, variety of vintage shops and markets, cool and unique bars, clubs and breweries and, of course, growing density of septum piercings, fixie bikes, and well-groomed mustaches, has become something of a hipster’s paradise!

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The 5 Best Views of Berlin

Since the dawn of time man has always sought to climb the highest peaks and for modern day travellers, it's no different. The desire to feel like a giant is almost immediate when arriving somewhere new. Looking out at sensational vistas gives you a sense of calm, allows you to pick out famous spots and draw a mind map of the place you are visiting. While Berlin may be lacking in mountains, it more than makes up for it with great spots to gaze out over the city.

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Reasons to Visit Dublin in 2016 & Why You Should Start Planning it Now!

The capital's most valuable cultural export is tourism and it has enjoyed a notable surge in 2015. Indeed indications are that this year was the best so far for overseas visitor numbers to Ireland (a marked improvement to numbers during the global recession) while Dublin city centre has been accused of a shortfall in the number of visitor beds relative to demand - a trend which will no doubt see some kind of price increase by accommodation providers in 2016. Here are 6 reasons you need to visit Dublin 2016:

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