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Christmas Markets and Ice Skating in Budapest

Eating your way into a cheese coma while donning a mulled wine jacket is the perfect ways to participate in the holiday festivities. From the end of November, clusters of winter villages populate cities throughout Europe, and the Hungarian capital of Budapest is one not to shy away from the merrymaking. The city centre comes alive during the holiday season when the Christmas lights turn on, markets set up shop, and ice skating rinks open. So, if you're lucky enough to be visiting Budapest during Christmas time, make sure you tickle your festive feels by getting wonderfully lost amongst the happy holiday huts. Here are our top 4 Budapest Christmas markets and our choice for the perfect ice skating date:

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Gettin' Jiggy with it - TempleBar TradFest

Irish Traditional Music, or ‘trad’ as it is affectionately abbreviated to, is commonplace as an almost essential feature of the quintessential ‘authentic Irish’ pub in Dublin. Trad is a commodity here. Indeed, those of you who have stepped foot in the Temple Bar district of Dublin will no doubt recall a cacophony of musical sounds, diddle-ayes and upbeat rhythms as jigs, reels, hornpipes and polkas are thrashed out of pubs on tin whistles, fiddles, banjos & guitars and meander their way around the hustle and bustle of the cobblestoned streets while amplified voices belt out tourist-fare ballads, the likes of the Irish Rover and Molly Malone.

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