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Seven places for amazing photos in Barcelona

Beautiful Barcelona, a historic and artistic seaside city, with its many architectural masterpieces, outstanding art and culture, colourful markets, beautiful beach and stunning food will be something of a wonderland for any photographer. Whether you’re a keen professional photographer or an Instagram enthusiast, Barcelona is definitely one of the most visually attractive and best places for capturing perfect travel photos.

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Ten places for Instagram worthy pics in Dublin

Dublin, the compact capital city of the little island of Ireland, is mighty big when it comes to character, creativity, and culture. Literally, every corner you turn in Dublin can reveal another sight, attraction, or unexpected moment worthy of recording, remembering, and sharing  - and that makes it the perfect place for snapping Instagram pics by the bucket-load! Here are just ten places to snap Instagram worthy pics in Dublin, some of which you'll encounter on our free walking tours and others you can easily find on your adventures.

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The 5 Best Views of Berlin

Since the dawn of time man has always sought to climb the highest peaks and for modern day travellers, it's no different. The desire to feel like a giant is almost immediate when arriving somewhere new. Looking out at sensational vistas gives you a sense of calm, allows you to pick out famous spots and draw a mind map of the place you are visiting. While Berlin may be lacking in mountains, it more than makes up for it with great spots to gaze out over the city.

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