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7 Must-Eat Hungarian Dishes on a Backpacker Budget

After weeks on the road, it's easy to get sick of noodles, rice, and standard hostel kitchen fare, but when you're choosing between fine dining and another week on the road, eating cheap always wins out. Fortunately, you don't have to make those tough choices in Budapest, one of Europe's cheapest cities to travel. Hungary may not be world-renowned for its cuisine, but those willing to set aside the "boiled cabbage and meat" stereotypes may be surprised to find a wealth of flavorful, satisfying, and cheap(!) local eats worth tucking in to. Here are our favorite Hungarian dishes on a backpacker budget.

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10 Best Things to Do This Summer in Barcelona

Summer vacation is here! Are you ready to indulge in one of the most unique metropolises in the world? You name it and Barcelona has it: art, architecture, culture, young and friendly vibes, great cuisine, drinks, parties, mountains and beaches. Bring along sunscreen, a water bottle and your upbeat spirit for an excellent stay in this wonderful Mediterranean city!

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