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Pub crawls: A great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe

With thousands of bars and clubs hosting exclusive and expensive events in every capital city of Europe, it is difficult to find cool and affordable parties to celebrate the New Year.

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10 Reasons to Discover Dublin

Every city has unique draws, things to do and places to see, and the Irish capital is certainly not short on lures - there's plenty of great reasons to get your ass to dear ol' Dublin; here's just ten of the best!

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Hide and seek: Berlin's tucked away bars

Berlin is the Aladdin's den of bars. You'll find all sorts of treasures here, but the best ones don't always make themselves easy to find. Maybe they're behind an unmarked door or on a roof, or trick you into thinking they're more of a restaurant than a late-night paradise. Go off road with this list of essential establishments.

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