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Six Weekend Destinations From Berlin

There’s something alluring about seeking out the lesser-known, the hidden gems, experiencing things that often elude the guidebooks and mainstream travel discourse – indeed, it’s this kind of curiosity that inspires our daily free walking tours in Berlin, as we offer authentic insight to the city’s culture, history and character as well as the lesser-known stories and sights; but, beyond the Berlin city map there’s a whole host of places worthy of discovery and exploration that you might not have even thought about visiting when planning your Berlin adventure.

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The 5 Best Views of Berlin

Since the dawn of time man has always sought to climb the highest peaks and for modern day travellers, it's no different. The desire to feel like a giant is almost immediate when arriving somewhere new. Looking out at sensational vistas gives you a sense of calm, allows you to pick out famous spots and draw a mind map of the place you are visiting. While Berlin may be lacking in mountains, it more than makes up for it with great spots to gaze out over the city.

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6 Off The Tourist Track Places To Visit In Berlin

Time after time I have my wonderful flock of friends coming to visit me in Berlin: so the usual spots like the Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz and Checkpoint Charlie can get a bit drab after the tenth or twentieth visit. Last weekend being no exception, I decided or rather was inspired to share some great places that aren't so touristy for those in a similar situation as I or for anyone coming to Berlin for the first time. So here's 6 off the tourist track places to visit in Berlin.

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