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Five Castles in Prague You Must Visit

Are you enchanted by ancient castles? Have you always wanted to ramble the elegant halls and massive walls of royal buildings? Then you must visit the Czech Republic, home to more than two thousand castles, chateaus, and villas. The capital city, Prague, and the surrounding area offer some of the most exquisite of these, and some of the finest architecture you will see in Europe. Of course, our free walking tour of Prague Castle is the best way to explore this particular jewel of the capital, but there are more castles in Prague worthy of your visit too. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve picked five castles in Prague (well, one is just outside of) that any self-respecting castle-fanatic must see.

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Reasons to Visit Dublin in 2016 & Why You Should Start Planning it Now!

The capital's most valuable cultural export is tourism and it has enjoyed a notable surge in 2015. Indeed indications are that this year was the best so far for overseas visitor numbers to Ireland (a marked improvement to numbers during the global recession) while Dublin city centre has been accused of a shortfall in the number of visitor beds relative to demand - a trend which will no doubt see some kind of price increase by accommodation providers in 2016. Here are 6 reasons you need to visit Dublin 2016:

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