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Six Weekend Destinations From Berlin

There’s something alluring about seeking out the lesser-known, the hidden gems, experiencing things that often elude the guidebooks and mainstream travel discourse – indeed, it’s this kind of curiosity that inspires our daily free walking tours in Berlin, as we offer authentic insight to the city’s culture, history and character as well as the lesser-known stories and sights; but, beyond the Berlin city map there’s a whole host of places worthy of discovery and exploration that you might not have even thought about visiting when planning your Berlin adventure.

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Romantic Budapest: Seven romantic ideas  

There are few capitals in the world that lend itself so readily to being the perfect romantic backdrop to a couple’s trip as Budapest. Of course, when one thinks of a romantic destination, iconic Paris typically springs to mind, but beautiful Budapest has plenty to rival the city of lights, and spectacular lights are just one of the Hungarian capital’s alluring delights for lovers.

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10 Weekend Trips from Prague

Prague may not have a seacoast or great beaches, but the great thing is that it's completely central in Europe! This makes it really easy to take short trips or weekend trips from Prague. With Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary (to name a few) bordering the Czech Republic, there's a lot to see. With flexible transport available from the main bus station (Florenc) and the central train station (Hlavni Nadrazi), travelling is affordable and easy. Bus tickets range from 8 - 30 euros and a train ticket starts from 20 euros, so there's no need to go through the hassle of renting a car or paying for a flight! Without further adieu, here are the top 10 weekend trips from Prague.

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