City of rebels and revolution

An exciting journey through the most important period of Ireland's capital


The Ireland of today has been shaped by a long history of risings, rebellion, revolution and war which saw Ireland cease being a dominion of Great Britain and indeed trigger the Empire's demise. Much of this turbulent history was played out on the streets of Dublin and this tour will take you through the key events, the lives of iconic figures, as well as the ordinary Dubliners, of those times - from the Lockout, Home Rule, WW1, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War and eventually the establishment of the Irish Republic as well discussing how things stand in the Ireland of today.

An exciting, interesting and entertaining journey through what was an important and bloody period of our capital's, and country's, remarkable history.

  • 1913 Lockout
  • Home Rule
  • WW1
  • the Easter Rising
  • the War of Independence
  • the Civil War
  • urban combat techniques
  • Pádraig Pearse
  • James Connolly
  • Countess Markievicz
  • Dublin castle
  • The GPO
  • Liberty Hall
  • The Four Courts
  • St. Stephen's green
  • Royal College of Surgeons



This is a private tour. Please enquire using the contact form, and we can arrange the meeting point that best suits your group.