Travel Blog: Ireland

Hipster guide to Dublin

Dublin, with its vibrant art and music scene, quality coffee and food offerings, variety of vintage shops and markets, cool and unique bars, clubs and breweries and, of course, growing density of septum piercings, fixie bikes, and well-groomed mustaches, has become something of a hipster’s paradise!

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Ten places for Instagram worthy pics in Dublin

Dublin, the compact capital city of the little island of Ireland, is mighty big when it comes to character, creativity, and culture. Literally, every corner you turn in Dublin can reveal another sight, attraction, or unexpected moment worthy of recording, remembering, and sharing  - and that makes it the perfect place for snapping Instagram pics by the bucket-load! Here are just ten places to snap Instagram worthy pics in Dublin, some of which you'll encounter on our free walking tours and others you can easily find on your adventures.

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Wonderful Places to visit close to Dublin city-centre

Dublin is the perfect city for a walking tour, thanks to being a compact and lively capital boasting fascinating history & culture with a plethora of remarkable sights & sites within an easy walking distance of each other.

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