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Discovering Cold War Berlin: Six Places to Visit

One could think that reminiscences of the Cold War era are long gone with the fall of the Berlin Wall, but that’s not the case. If you are interested in this intriguing period of history, Berlin is the place to be. The German capital has preserved and taken care of the sites and stories of the Cold War era so that today we can visit them, learn about the circumstances of the time, and hear about the lives of the victims of the period. Our free walking tour all about the Cold War, just one of our Berlin walking tours, is the best way to explore this topic, but if you are venturing out to discover it by yourself, there are six places that you cannot miss.

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Urban Graffiti and Street Art: Another Side of Berlin

Cities have soul and character; there are an undeniable charisma and vibe about them and, often, there's a sort of personification of the city, somehow ‘speaking’ to us. Berlin is one city with a lot to say, expressing it’s voice through many kilometres of intriguing street art, urban murals, and graffiti. But graffiti and murals in Berlin is not merely an aesthetic ploy to enhance the alternative edginess of the city or play into the Instagram culture of the times, street art in Berlin is a reflection of the city itself.

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Remembering Bowie's Berlin

Berlin has always attracted great artists from all of the world. One of those artists was David Bowie, who moved to the city in 1976 in search of a new career, in a new town. At the time, Bowie was one of the world´s biggest musical stars and had left Los Angeles home to escape his decadent lifestyle and the negative influences that fame had brought. He moved to Berlin to focus on his next musical projects, and what followed was arguably his most prolific period. Over the next two and half years he wrote and produced three of his most artistically acclaimed albums known as the “Berlin Trilogy”. Here is your guide to the famous sites of Bowie’s Berlin:

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