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Urban Graffiti and Street Art: Another Side of Berlin

Cities have soul and character; there are an undeniable charisma and vibe about them and, often, there's a sort of personification of the city, somehow ‘speaking’ to us. Berlin is one city with a lot to say, expressing it’s voice through many kilometres of intriguing street art, urban murals, and graffiti. But graffiti and murals in Berlin is not merely an aesthetic ploy to enhance the alternative edginess of the city or play into the Instagram culture of the times, street art in Berlin is a reflection of the city itself.

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Things to do this Halloween in Budapest

Halloween is just around the corner, so you might be wondering what’s happening in Budapest over the Halloween weekend; well there’s lots of things to do as the city embraces the opportunity to have some ghoulish fun! Here’s just some of them…

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