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« Catch all the beautiful sights of Budapest with local guides on our free tours before diving into the city's eccentric nightlife with fellow backpackers with the best pub crawl! »

Free Tour of Budapest

Free Walking Tours of Budapest every day, rain or shine. Free Walking Tours of Budapest every day, rain or shine. Budapest is the Pearl of the Danube, a place of many incredible historical outcomes since the Magyars arrived over a thousand years ago. Come and explore the rich heritage, beautiful streets, exciting atmosphere and panoramic views with passionate, proud local... Read more & Booking

Free Red Budapest Tour

Free Red Budapest Tour - all about the communist period of Hungary. The 2nd World War just ended and the Soviet communist regime took control over Hungary. The people lived under the oppression of Stalin, whose dictatorship meant submission, punishment and even executions became part of Hungarians' everyday lives, but in 1956, in the heart of Budapest, a rebellion began against... Read more & Booking

Free Jewish Legacy Tour

Showing you the Jewish district of Budapest on a free tour. From the 19th century onwards, more and more Jews were moving to Budapest and becoming part of Hungarian society. They played a hugely important role in the transition of Hungary to capitalism, and the cultural revival of the capital city. On this 2,5 hour free walking tour you... Read more & Booking

Backpacker Pubcrawl

Our world famous Pubcrawl in Budapest! Budapest is renowned for having some of the best and most popular pubs, bars, and nightclubs in the world, and rightly so! You shouldn’t leave without visiting one of its famous Ruin Pubs and getting a shot of Pálinka! Our fun-loving local guides will take great pride in showing you the The Backpacker Pub Crawl has been held in very high regard amongst budget travellers and industry professionals, receiving rave reviews in leading guide books and travel publications. It was even voted 'Best Tour Worldwide' by Hostel World customers.Visit the full Backpacker Pubcrawl website... Read more & Booking