Beer Tour of Prague

The Czech golden drink


If the Czech Republic is famous for one thing, it is, undoubtedly, beer! As the highest beer-consuming per capita country in the world, it’s safe to say that beer runs through the veins of Bohemia. Come explore the incomparable world of Czech beer with us and we'll take you down the rabbit hole of Czech Pilsners, Porters, and pale ales.

Our enthusiastic and beer loving guides are knowledgeable about the brewing process, the history, and the culture behind each mug of Czech pivo.

So grab a glass and head up to the bar. We look forward to sharing this rich cultural tradition with you. Na zdraví!

  • Visit to three different purveyors of fine beer
  • Beer tasting from a selection of 3 unique craft beers
  • the history, traditions, and cultural effects behind the Czech beer culture
  • the difference between the various Czech styles of beer
  • insight to a real Czech Brewery & its operations
  • beer making & tips on home brewing



This is a private tour. Please enquire using the contact form, and we can arrange the meeting point that best suits your group.