Prague Private Tours

« All of our daily free walking tours can be booked as private tours, but we also offer additional private tour options, listed below, for you to consider, or you can email us with your special request. We will always do our best to tailor private tours to fit your group's needs. Please feel free to contact us here... »

Beer Tour of Prague

If the Czech Republic is famous for one thing, it is, undoubtedly, beer! As the highest beer-consuming per capita country in the world, it’s safe to say that beer runs through the veins of Bohemia. Come explore the incomparable world of Czech beer with us and we'll take you down the rabbit hole of Czech Pilsners, Porters... Read more & Booking

Prague by night

Sometimes the heat of the Bohemian sun is enough to scare away any reasonable traveller. Or perhaps the night before is still taking its toll when the AM hours roll around. Fear not weary traveller, for whatever reason you may have to not make our morning or afternoon tours, we are pleased to offer a Prague by night alternative.Prague... Read more & Booking


Well off the beaten path, very few visitors ever care to venture up the river to Vysehrad. perhaps one of the most authentic neighbourhoods in the city. Take a peek into the lifestyle of your average Czech, but don't let this quiet residential veneer fool you. Vysehrad has a long and storied history.We'll take you to some... Read more & Booking

Counter culture tour

Put down that map and check out some of the sites that only a local would know. It's hard to even really call this a tour, instead it's more like an adventure with a very knowledgeable and friendly local.From the John Lennon wall to the Zizkov TV tower, this whirlwind will show you the best neighborhoods, parks... Read more & Booking

Red Prague Tour

The communist period of recent Czech history was a dark and dismal time which saw intimidation, interrogation, executions, surveillance, & secret police become an everyday part of Czech life. Join us and discover the development and downfall of one of the worst totalitarian regimes of recent history and the enormous impact it has had on Prague, our country and its people... Read more & Booking