Put down that map and check out some of the sites that only a local would know. It's hard to even really call this a tour, instead it's more like an adventure with a very knowledgeable and friendly local.

From the John Lennon wall to the Zizkov TV tower, this whirlwind will show you the best neighborhoods, parks, alternative artwork, and out-door markets that make our city so special. A metro ticket is required, but fear not. Our experienced guides are always happy to help decipher the Czech public transit system. If you're interested in a tour like no other, then dive beneath the well-trodden veneer and experience all that Prague's counter-culture has to offer.

  • John Lennon Wall
  • Cerny's Alien babies
  • Cerny's Embryo
  • The Metalmorphosis
  • The Dancing House
  • Jiriho z Podebrad namesti
  • Zizkov TV Tower
  • National Memorial
  • Vitkov Hill
  • Insider info on the infamous nightlife of Prague 3