17 Things You Need To Know About Berlin

Date: 28 July, 2015
17 Things You Need To Know About Berlin
Known for it's underground rave scene, an overwhelming amount of hipsters and general quirkiness there's no doubt that Berlin is the "it" place to be in Europe. However, despite it's rather pretentious reputation backpackers from all over the globe come to check out what all the fuss is about, and boy are you guys in for a treat. However, there are just 17 things you need to know about Berlin before you rock up!

17. Berlin is pretty massive in size



Bering the second largest city in the European Union, Berlin is freakin' 821.8km in size. So prepare to spend a lot of time on the metro, or do as the locals do and rent a bike which is a much better way to take in the city. And you can always opt to take a free walking tour with us whether you want a general tour of Berlin, see the alternative side, or delve deeper into its rich and recent history.

16. The areas with the best bars are Neukölln, Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain


These are the most popular areas amongst the young locals. Neukölln, in particular, is the new up-and-coming area, no matter which of these neighbo rhoods you're in there's no doubt you won't be surrounded by great bars!

15. Berlin is diversely eccentric


Remember that weird kid in your class at school? Imagine there was one in each class around the world. Well basically they've come together and now live in Berlin. You'll never find such a diverse population in Europe than in Berlin. But diversity is embraced and even celebrated with a cultural carnival every year.

14. Always buy a ticket!


No ticket? BOOM! €40 fine for you. It's worth just buying a day-ticket (€6.90) if you're doing a load of sightseeing.

13. It's Europe's creative hub



Creativity is everywhere: from being all over the walls, to experimental clothing and in the mind of its citizens. It's hard to find someone in Berlin who isn't some kind of artist, writer, designer or up-and-coming entrepreneur. It's a city where creative is welcome and thrives.

12. Beer is good, and really cheap, which makes beer really (really) good


I'm not lying you can pick up a 0.5L Berliner Pilsner for as low as €1.50. And it doesn't give you a hangover. I'm serious. I've repeatedly Berliner again and again and I've never gotten a hangover. Berliner is love, Berliner is life.

11. Drinking on the street is perfectly legal


Cheap good quality beer isn't good enough, they have to make it legal to drink on the streets too. I shit you not, you could walk along at 2 in the day, cold one in hand, and no one bats an eyelid, Berlin.

10. Jaywalking is illegal


Because angry German people are scarier than you could ever imagine.

9. You see this ball in the sky? It'll be your compass in Berlin


This is the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz, it'll be your compass during your stay. One night you'll find yourself a bit lost and intoxicated and then BAM you'll see the Tv Tower and you know you're still in Berlin.

8. If you want to get in anywhere out of the tourist trap, wear black


Berliners wear black all the time because it never goes out of style. So ladies keep those super pink dresses and heels in the suitcase. Gentlemen get out your beanie and I hope you have either a beard or a man-pony because Berlin's dress code may be casual but oh lordy is it strict. You've been warned.

7. Berghain is as hard to get into as you have heard



Speaking of wearing black. If you want to get into Berghain there are three things you need to do; wear all black, do not speak English near the bouncers and look like you're there to get fucked... which you probably are.

6. But the more alternative you look, the more likely you'll get in


She would get in with absolutely no problem.

5. Berlin is actually pretty cheap


...Compared to other Western European capitals Berlin is actually pretty ok money wise when it comes to eating out or partying. Ask your hostel staff for the best local places to eat and party: because, in Berlin, all the best places are hidden.

4. You can literally never run out of things to do



Exhibitions, squat gigs, museums, outdoor events, markets, festivals etc. In Berlin, you will never be bored as there is always something to do or see! Honestly, you'll find yourself constantly busy and like most people, you'll come back for more.

3. The party is 24/7


You could literally party non-stop every single day for the rest of your days in Berlin. Not that I'd recommend it, but the nightlife is literally the best in Europe. From underground raves, quirky bars and the best outdoor picnic spots, Berlin has the ingredients for a good time.

2. You'll have to detox from all that Club Mate when you leave



Never seen this beverage before? You'll never forget it after you've been to Berlin. Club Mate is a carbonated and caffeinated tea. Like a healthier alternative to Red Bull, sort of. Either drink it on its own to perk yourself hungover self up or mix it with vodka to keep the party going on, and on, and on...

1. Berlin is a world of its own


It truly is in its own Alice In Wonderland-Chic way. From its exuberant atmosphere, magnetic culture and remarkable past, Berlin will no doubt be one of the best places you'll ever visit if you're looking to make memories.


By Berliner-Wannabe, Catherine Munnelly. 
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