21 Reasons Why You Need Visit Budapest

Date: 3 June, 2015
21 Reasons Why You Need Visit Budapest
Budapest. The thing about it is that Budapest is one of those places you hear everyone rant and rave about. But is it really worth putting it on your bucket list? You better believe the hype, as Budapest is one of the most beautiful, bizarre and bonkers cities in Europe. With it's insane nightlife, quirky atmosphere and cheap booze it's clear to see why this place is a backpacker's Havana. It was hard to narrow it down, but here're 21 reasons why you need to visit Budapest.

21. It's Full of Surprises

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From bizarre traditions, hilarious sayings and beautiful sights one after another, there is literally something for everyone. No one really knows that much about Budapest unless it's from other travellers/friends, but when you get here, you learn that Budapest doesn't really play by logic, everything is a little backwards in its own magical way!

20. There's No Lack of Hangover Food


Deep fried dough, with sour cream, garlic oil and cheese sounds like a God-given gift right? Well you can thank the Hungarian people for coming up with the delicious dish làngos. It's easy to find, and it's only cost 300HUF (€1). Not too shabby...

19. Speaking Hungarian is Always a Laugh


Hungarian is the third hardest language in the world to master. With 44 letters in their alphabet and a million words for one thing it doesn't make it easy to get your tongue around it. But that's half the fun! Learning egészségére (I-guess-she-can-drive) is tricky, but it means cheers, so it's a good one to know.

18. The Ruin Bars Makes You Feel Like Alice In Wonderland

Szimpla Ruin Bar

Budapest's unique nightlife will certainly keep you on your toes, especially in the ruin bars. These incredible bars which don't look like that big on the outside, are a labyrinth on the inside. Going from room to room, finding little-hidden hubs with quirky old furniture, discovering Budapest's authentic kookiness will have you never wanting to leave!

17. The Backpacking Scene Is Buzzing


Whether it's the height of summer or the depths of winter, Budapest is a backpacker hub. With the city's reputation for all night parties, energetic ambience and breathtaking sights it's no wonder it attracts backpackers from all over the globe. Everyone is here for a good time, which makes it an ideal place to make friends from all over the place!

16. Not to Mention the Sunset from Gellert Hill is Monumental


If the hike doesn't take your breath away, which if you are horribly unfit like myself it certainly will, the view from the top is worth the steep ascension. Never in my life have I literally felt like I was on top of the world. With endless scenery, and seeing Budapest from above it's a cure for anyone's wanderlust.

15. The Parks Aren't Bad Either


City Park, Orczy and my personal favourite Margaret Island. When Budapest is in full bloom there's nothing better than some recreational banter. Pack some sandwiches, grab a €2 bottle of wine and head down to one of Budapest's gorgeous green spaces. Since the weather is generally incredibly from May - October, it's safe to say every day is a good day for a picnic.

13. It's Bloody Cheap


This is probably the first thing you heard about Budapest, and it's true. It's not uncommon to pick up a pint of beer for €1.30. In fact it's fairly common. No doubt it's the reason that made Budapest an attractive destination for backpackers. But it's another reason to get your butt to Budapest and join the party!

14. There's More To Budapest Than You'd Think

Momento Park

Yes, the booze is cheap. But Budapest holds an extensive history which most people never really know about. Whether you're a history buff or not Budapest holds an incredibly past which anyone would find interesting. Check out the Red Budapest tour, it's free but it's the best tour for learning about Budapest during the communist era.

12. Beers Along The Danube Are Always A Good Idea

Liberty Bridge

Beers just about anywhere in Budapest is an always a good idea. But down by the Danube you can sit yourself down with some new hostel buddies and sip on a cold one whilst watching the boats go by. I recommend grabbing a spot by the beautiful Chain Bridge as you can see the Buda Castle (plus it's close to the centre of Budapest).

11. You Can't Run Out of Things To Do

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Between the sights, the bars and the museums Budapest has an extensive array of pretty great activities. From caving to pints at Szimpla Kert, and all the history in between, it's reeeeeally hard to run out of things to do. Of course if you're just planning a few nights in Budapest walking tours are always the best way to check out the city. Budapest Free Walking Tours have some amazing guides, and it's fo'free.

10. Pàlinka Will Put Your Nation's Drink to Shame

Pàlinka is Hungary's national drink. It's a fruit brandy. You may think "Oh fruit brandy, how delightful!" right? Doing a shot of pàlika is like volunteering to do a shot of gasoline. Your average shot is about 60% pure alcohol. But you simply cannot visit the city without sampling the powerful punch that pàlinka gives you. Just don't be surprised if the locals can't help but chuckle when your face goes all funny.

9. The Festivals Are Unbelievable


Who's that pictured above? That's Steve Aoki jumping into the crowd at Balaton Sound 2014. Volt, Balaton Sound and of course Sziget, and their only the big festivals! O.Z.O.R.A and Banki To are just some of the smaller ones. It's seriously worth checking them out!

8. And The Parties Are All Night Long

Szimpla Ruin Bar

The saying "Time flies when you're having fun" couldn't suit Budapest's nightlife any better. So many night's I've come home only to realize that it's 7am. With the huge selection of places to go, meeting people from all the over the world and a cheeky kebab. It's safe to say you could 24/7 if you like.

7.... Which Is Cool Because The Sunrise Is God Damn Beautiful

So if you're going to go for a cheeky kebab make sure you make your way up to the Danube to watch the sunrise over Budapest. Even when you feeling you're rotting from the inside out, it's soulfully satisfying. Because let's face, it's the only time you'll catch the sunrise while you're here...

6. There's Sooooo Many Great Places to Stay!


From batshit crazy party hostels, to quaint colourful hostels, Budapest has great accommodation covered! However, you may a banquet of banter happening in the most peaceful of hostels. This is Budapest and that is how they roll! You can find your ideal hostel on our booking site!

5. Rooftop Bars Ain't Too Bad


Do I really need to convince you that sipping a cold beer whilst overlooking one of Europe's most beautiful cities... Nope. 

4. Caving Banter


Beneath Budapest lies a shit ton of caves, like over 170. Most hostels can help you sort out a caving expedition. It's a great way to get some intense exercise while you're traveling. PLUS you can say I climbed through a f*cking cave today... maybe reward yourself with a cold one afterwards

3. It's Architecturally Stunning


Budapest is one of those places that constantly takes your breath away, from gorgeous old buildings, it's baroque style and the lack of skyscrapers gives you this sense of strolling in the past.

2. Bath Time Has A Whole Other Meaning


The thermal baths are incredible. Even in January. However between May and September it's totally all about the Sparty's! Imagine all night long raves, live DJ's and an atmosphere IN A POOL. That's a formula for a good time if you ask me.

1. Because You'll Never Regret The Visit


I have honestly never met a backpacker that a bad word to say about Budapest. A truly unique city, it's beautiful, it's lively and an all round good time. A place where everyday is packed with insanely stunning sights, good times and the right amount of chaos. So what you waiting for? ;)


By Budapest-Intruder, Catherine Munnelly
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