Alternative Nights Out To Partying in Prague

Date: 20 March, 2015
Alternative Nights Out To Partying in Prague
Many many people head to Prague for the partying, however if dancing the night away in a club isn't your cup of tea, check out these alternative ways to spend the evening.

Sing Along At The Opera


Ok, maybe don't sing along - this is very taboo at the opera. But every night at either the Estates Theatre or the State Opera House, you can get tickets to see some of the great operas (think Carmen, La Traviatta, Don Giovanni etc) by one of the greatest Opera companies in the whole entire world!! Sometimes you can get tickets for as little as 120CZK (approx £3.20). Don't say the Opera isn't cool - cause you know that it is.

Feel The Music With The Orchestra


Practically every day, there's an orchestra playing something. There are two fantastic concert halls in Prague; the Rudolfinum and Smetena Hall. The Czech Philharmonic is a world class orchestra, and you'll be blown away by the magnificence of their performances. Very cheap tickets can be found for as little as 20CZK (approx 50p), so you have nothing to lose!

Chill Out To Some Jazz


Do you wanna stand in the very room that President Bill Clinton played a tenor saxophone solo? Do you wanna while away an evening with a beer pulled from a saxophone? Be sure to check out Reduta Jazz Club. It's not expensive for a ticket and something is happening every single night. There are other jazz clubs dotted around the city, but in my opinion, this one is the best.

Experience New Realities At The Movieskino-lucerna-02

The majority of the movies are released in English with Czech subtitles (so easy to ignore). A student ticket costs 149CZK (approx £4). You can even see a movie in 4D...with moving seats and wind and smells and things prodding at you. It really brings the movie to life - I can highly, highly recommend it. You can also see more alternative movies at the Lucerna Theatre. Whatever floats your boat!

Discover New Worlds With Drama


There is a lot of drama going on in Prague. You have the big professional companies at the Narodni Divadlo (National Theatre), the modern and contemporary companies at the New Stage, the amateur companies such as Prague Shakespeare Company (who do a combination of Shakespeare, comedy, and musicals) and for people who want something a little different - the Black Light Theatre. No matter what you choose, you'll be sure to have a great night.

Find Beauty At The Ballet


The Ballet is a wonderful way to spend the evening. There isn't one happening all the time so keep your eyes peeled. The music is beautiful and the dancing is phenomenal. The stories will break your heart and make your heart soar. You will cry and laugh. And ladies, the men aren't bad to look at either ;)

I hope that everyone finds something to do in Prague that will suit your interests, it's a great big city with lots and lots going on.

By culture-lover, Angharad Owen