Berlin's Best Burgers

Date: 24 June, 2015
Berlin's Best Burgers
It was only a matter of time before I wrote an article combining my love of burgers with my love of Berlin. Like bacon and cheese, these two things just melt together to create a haven of tasty goodness! Berliners go mad for a good burger, as do I when I'm hungover, and since I'm hungover a lot I find myself in a lot of burger joints. So I present to you, Berlin's best burgers...



You can find BurgetAmpt on Boxhagner Strasse amongst the endless amount of authentic Berlin bars in the uber-hip area of Fredrichain. The burgers here are out of this fucking world, more humane than other burger chains and cheap enough costing between €7-€10 a pop. It's usually packed with BurgerAmpt fans so make sure you don't turn up too hungry as you may be waiting for a while. Insider tip: the sweet potato fries are freakin' amazing.



Just a hop across the East Side Gallery lies BurgerSteig on Falkenstein Strasse in the other trendy area of Kreuzberg. Cheap, fast and delicious! You'll pick up a burger, fries and a drink for €6! Not bad if you're in need of a decent snack which is guaranteed to fill you for the night ahead.

BBI BerlinBurger International


Known for the best veggie burger in town, BBI has a lot going for itself. It's a combination of super fresh ingredients, attention to detail and reasonable price always has me dropping by when I'm down in Neukollin. Personally I'd recommend the Halloumi Burger, it's only €4.90 and makes your tastebuds happy.



Ah, Burgermeister. The most famous burger place in Berlin. Known for its chilli cheese fries, long queues and the fact it's used to be a metro-station toilet. Yes, it encapsulates that whole Berlin-so-alternative-vibe. But the burgers are quite good, it's something everyone should do when they come to Berlin. Think of it as some sort of a hip-inauguration. Plus you can pick up a burger for under €5. Not bad, not bad at all.



Now there are many different Kreuzbergers, but the best one is in Kreuzberg (naturally) on Oranienstrasse. They have a huge array of different delicious burgers to eat, literally about 20 different burgers! Always a good idea if you're looking to try something new.

Piri's Chicken Burger


Now I'm pretty traditional, burgers should be beef and beef only. Call me a hypocrite for going back on myself, but Piri's Chicken Burgers located in Kreuzberg knows how to make a goddamn good chicken burger. Plus on Mondays it's two for one beers. Two for one beers. Keep up the good work lads!

Hamburger Heaven 


On one of my drunken escapades around Neukolin I stumbled upon this hole in the wall burger joint. It smelt good, people looked happy eating and it was cheap. My burger was prepared by two lovely Canadian lads, the service was fairly quick and the burger was one of the most delicious I've ever had! I've returned again and again to this place, always good service and always a great burger.

By someone who dreams about burgers, Catherine Munnelly