The Search For The Best Cocktails In Prague

Date: 22 March, 2015
The Search For The Best Cocktails In Prague
You've arrived. You survived that epically long train journey. You deserve a drink. Not jut any drink, but a delicious cocktail. But, where to go? Ah HAH, here is my speciality. I love a good cocktail more than the next person, so trust me... I know where to go ;)


Groove Bar

prague groove bar

Deep in the narrow streets behind the National Theatre is one of Prague's best kept secrets. It's a cocktail bar that do not only the classics (Cosmo, Manhattan, Tequila Sunrise etc) but they also create their own. I realised that my favourites are all tea-based.. I guess that's cause I'm a Brit. Try the Peach Tea and the Green-tea-ni. They're to die for. (approx. 100CZK per drink.)



Hidden far away from the tourists is a little local bar. The cocktails are so good, people come from all over Prague to try them out. Here they mostly do the classics, but also have a massive menu for you to spend hours and hours pondering over only for you to pick a Mojito, again. It's a real friendly place, and you're most likely going to come away with a brand new friend and lots of interesting stories. (approx. 110CZK per drink.)



1 (1)

It's a mini chain so there's a few of these cafes dotted around Prague. In my opinion, this is the perfect place to go for a small (but great) night out. They are a really wide range of cocktails, amongst other drinks. The offer everything from Long Island Ice Teas to a little B52. If you don't know what that is, then you'll just have to find out...! (approx. 99CZK per drink.)


Black Angel Bar


My oh my, I love it here. It's hidden underneath Old Town Square and has not only been voted one of the best cocktail bars in the Czech Republic but THE WORLD. You seriously can't not try it here. It's all in the 1930s style of when alcohol consumption was prohibited. You do feel like you've stepped into a black and white film. It's like Prague's little secret, as photos and videos are not allowed inside. (approx. 140CZK per drink.)


Cloud 9


If you want something a little bit more fancy and posh, then this is a must. Set high up in the Hilton in Prague there are panoramic views of the city. Sure, the place is a little more expensive than the rest of Prague, but sometimes that's the price you have to pay for a touch of luxury ;) I mean it, the atmosphere is incredible and simply walking into the bar makes you feel about 1000 times more fancy! (approx. 200CZK per drink.)


Hemmingway Cocktail Bar


This place is a little different. They tend to focus on only three ingredients (Ernest Hemmingway's favourites): rum, champagne and absinthe. This gives a totally unique twist to every single drink that's produced here. They've been expertly tweaked to make sure that the taste is the best, and use the highest of ingredients to make sure that the quality is top notch. There are 'Bar Rules' to ensure that your experience at the bar is the best it possibly can. For example 'guests must be seated' and 'do not use a computer in the bar'. However, if you want the chance to meet some new people, this is not the place because talking to people you don't know is not particularly encouraged here. (approx. 180CZK per drink.)


Bugsy's Bar


This place has a 1950s American theme. The waiters are dressed in bow ties and braces. They make turn cocktail-making into a show! Each bartender has been trained to the highest quality and it really makes a difference. You'll find this bar on what I call 'Posh Street' (Parizska), amongst all of the designer shops. There's a menu of around 200 different drinks and with spirits from different corners of the world, you'll definitely find something that's your cup of tea. (approx. 150CZK per drink.)


Casa Havana


This one is a little more local. Imagine that someone has taken a bar from Cuba and plonked it right in the middle of Prague. That's what this bar is. You can sip on your cocktails and smoke Cuban cigars (if you like to do that kind of thing) and enjoy the atmosphere. Sure, the prices here are little more expensive than the regular Czech prices, but if you wanna have a great evening then I can highly recommend this place. (approx. 150CZK per drink)

By cocktail-junkie, Angharad Owen