Budget Eats in Berlin

Date: 29 October, 2015
Budget Eats in Berlin

Bored of your travel diet of microwave noodles? Then you'll be pleased to discover that along with exceptionally cheap beer, Berlin is the perfect city for eating out on a budget. Boasting a multitude of cafes, restaurants, and takeaways, it's easy to eat your way around the world without breaking the bank. Renowned for its bustling food markets and multicultural cuisine- whether a kebab from the infamous Mustafas, Vietnamese curry, or healthy vegan salad  - Berlin is a city where even the fussiest of eaters can satisfy their bellies. Intrigued? Here's my essential list for the best budget eats in Berlin for under €10:

Nam Long - Vietnamese


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Address: Oppelner Strasse 46, Kreuzberg
Average Price: €5-7
My menu recommendation: Rotes curry - €5 euros

For an authentic Vietnamese curry or a hearty bowl of pho, Nam Long Vietnamese is an affordable restaurant with a friendly dining atmosphere. Serving a variety of traditional curries, soups, and vegetarian options, their menu offers something to satisfy every taste and spice level. Costing no more than 7 euros a dish, you can also afford to splurge on a beer or creamy mango lassi without breaking your 10 euro budget.

Pomodorino – Italian


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Address: Strasmanstrasse 21, Friedrichshain
Average price: €2.20 per slice
My menu recommendation: Pizza slice with sardines, anchovies and olives

'The best pizza you'll ever have' may seem like a bold statement. However, the pizza at Pomodorino undoubtedly outshines them all. Made with a gloriously light and fluffy base, a rich, herb-filled tomato sauce, and a selection of toppings (including home-made pesto and rocket, salami and roasted vegetables), €2.20 a slice is a no-brainier when looking for authentic Italian food in Berlin. Maintaining a glowing reputation throughout the city, Pomodorino fills up fast, so get there early to nab yourself a candle-lit table or to join the queue for the best takeaway pizza of your life.

Falafel Jakoub - Lebanese


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Address: Weserstrasse 14, Neukölln
Average Price: €3.50
My menu recommendation: Makali sandwich with halloumi €3.50

For some flavoursome middle-eastern cuisine, head to Falafel Jakoub for an authentic Makali sandwich. Served with an aromatic mixture of roasted vegetables including fried aubergine, cauliflower, tomatoes, and pickles, you can fill your sandwich with falafel, halloumi or shwarma and then team it with their home-made mango, spicy, or garlic sauce. Ideal for those on a tight budget, Falafel Jakoub is a great spot for lunch or dinner that will cost you less than €5.

Street Food Thursdays at Markethalle Neun


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Address: Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43, Kreuzberg, 17.00 - 22.00
Average price: €7-10
My menu recommendation: Visit the 'Naanwich' stall and try the 12 hour pulled poke naanwich for €6.

If deciding what to eat is a daily struggle for you, then 'Street Food Thursdays' at Markethalle Neun could be the solution to your dinner-time indecision. Crammed to the brim with aromatic food stalls, you can sample snacks from around the globe as you watch fresh and creative dishes being cooked on the spot. You can tuck into tasty appetizers from all over the world such as Thai dumplings, Japanese sushi, Mexican tacos and American barbecue - making it an exciting and diverse evening of edible possibilities.

Nil - Sudanese


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Address Grunberger Strasse 52, Friedrichshain
Average Price: €3.50
My menu recommendation: Tamiya (traditional Sudanese falafel in pita bread served with salad and peanut sauce) €3

For an alternative version of the Turkish kebab, head to Nil in Friedrichshain for some vegan-friendly Sudanese cuisine. Try their perfectly light and succulent home-made falafel, which come served on a plate or in a warmed pita bread, and are teamed with fresh vegetables and a dangerously addictive peanut sauce. Offering a combination of vegan and meat-based dishes, Nil offers an exceptional grilled veal and lamb with mash potatoes for €4.50, and serves a traditional vegen fohl consisting of mashed beans, tamiya, and feta cheese for just €3. Perfect for lunch or dinner, Nil offers a sit-in or takeaway option and offers the taste of the middle-east for less than €5.

Turkish Market


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Address: Maybachufer Strasse, Kreuzberg
Average Price: €2
My recommendation: For snacking on the go, try a traditional Turkish Gözleme filled with spinach and cheese for €1.80

Head to Kreuzberg every Tuesday and Friday between 11 and 6PM for a bustling market experience and a slice of Turkish cuisine. Here you will stumble across a wide range of authentic street food and local produce including fresh bread, olives, cheese, fish, fruit, and vegetables sold by vendors at affordable prices. Perfect for a pleasant afternoon on a budget, you can browse the stalls, snack on a gözleme or a zucchini puffer, and watch the buskers along the picturesque canal.

Aside from the museums, street art, and vibrant night-life, Berlin is a city with a delicious and colourful food scene. Whether you are looking for a quick snack, an afternoon feast, or want to expand your culinary horizons - Berlin makes going out for both lunch and dinner a perfectly justifiable option. Have you been to any of these street eats or do you have another great place you can recommend? Comment below to share with the rest of the travelling foodies out there!

Kayleigh Head 

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