NEXT Czech Survival Language Guide

Date: 9 December, 2015
NEXT Czech Survival Language Guide
So you've decided to travel to Prague? It's a beautiful destination with so much to see and discover. With its ancient history, awesome beer, gorgeous architecture and affordable everything, it comes as no surprise that it's consistently listed as one of the most visited cities in the world. Although Prague is a fairly touristic place, it's always good to learn a few phrases here and there to fit in like the locals or try to anyway. Plus who wants to get stuck having to use body language to ask someone where the toilet is? So over at NEXT City Tours, we whipped up a Czech survival language guide that'll come in handy, or you can learn some wicked phrases from the local guides on our free walking tours in Prague. You'll never have to worry about what to say to that cute bartender anymore at the local bar or on the Pub crawl!

Greetings and Basic Addressing



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Hello - Dobry den [dohbree dehn]

Note: This literally means good day, and you can use it at any point during your trip as a formal greeting.

Hi! - Ahoj [ahoy]

Note: This is more of a casual "hey"

Sorry - Pardon [Pardohn]

I am - Ja jsem [yah ysehm]

Note: a simpler version of "my name is"

Nice to meet you - Rad jsem vas poznal [rahd ysehm vahs pohznahl]

Goodbye - Na slhedanou [Nah skhle-da-noh-oo]

General Phrases, when asking/looking for...



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Can you help me? - Muzete mi pomoci? [moo-zheteh mee poh-mohtsee]

Where is it? - Kde je to? [kdeh yeh toh]

Can you show me on a map? - Muzete mi ukazat na mape? [moo-zheh-tehh mee ookah-zaht na mahpe]

Thank you - Diky [deekee]

Yes - Ano [Anoh] Note: the informal "yeah" in czech, is "yoh", and can be used as well

No - Ne [Neh]

Please - Prosim [proh-seem]

Guided tour - Prohlidka s pruvdocem [proh-hleedkah s proo-voh-dtsehm]

Washroom - Umyvarna [oomi-varnah]

When looking for accommodations...



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Hotel - Hotel

Hostel - Ubytovna [oobee-tovnah]

Inn - Hostinec s ubytovanim [ hos-tee-nets s oobee-tovahnee-yem]

Pricelist - cenik [tsenik]

Do you have any vacancies? - Mate volne pokoje? [ mah-teh voh-lneh poh-koh-yeh]

Can I smoke here? - Muzu tady kourit? [moozhoo tahdee kowrzit]

Can we do our laundry here? - Muzeme si tady vyprat? [moozhehmeh see tah-dee vee-praht]

Kitchen - Kuchyne [koo-hee-nye]




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One - jeden, jedna [yeden, yednah] Note: this word varies, depending on whether the subject is masculine or feminine

Two - dva, dve [dvah, dveh] Note: this word varies, depending on whether the subject is masculine or feminine

Three - tri [trzee]

Four - ctyri [ch-tee-rzi]

Five - pet [pyet]

Six - sest [ sheh-st]

Seven - sedm [ sehdm]

Eight - osm [ oh-sehm]

Nine - devet [deh-veht]

Ten - deset [ deh-seht]

One Hundred - sto [stoh]

One Thousand - tisic [ tyee-seets]

Eating and drinking...



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The general policy in Prague is to seat yourself when you enter a restaurant. However, in most swanky places you will be seated. Keep in mind, that smoking indoors is not yet prohibited in most public spaces so be sure to ask if there is a smoking/non-smoking section if it bothers you.

Menu, please - Jidelni listek, prosim [yeehdelnyee leestehk prohseem]

Water - Voda [vodah]

Coffee - Kava [kavah]

Beer - Pivo [pee-voh]

Wine - Vino

What is your specialty? - Mate nejake specialty? [mah-teh nyeh-yah-keh specialty?]

Keep the change - Zbytek si nechte [zbeetehk see nehkteh]

Cash - Hotove [kho-toh-veh]

Card - Kartu [kartooh]

Bill, please - Zaplatim! [zah-plah-teem]

How much is it? - Kolik to dela [koh-leek toh dyelah]



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Last, but certainly not least, you'll need to know these words because none of the signs in the Czech Republic are in English. So if you're looking for a Castle, or a garden, or a square, this list will definitely come in handy when you're looking at directions in the streets.

Museum - Muzeum

Gallery - Galerie

Tower - Vez

Church - Kostel

Square- Namesti

Bridge- Most

Concert Hall- Koncertni sal

Castle - Hrad

Garden - Zahrada

If you ever need to ask a local for something or want to travel prepared, this basic Czech language survival guide will surely see you through! Are there any words/phrases we missed?

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