Day Trips From Prague

Date: 6 July, 2018
Day Trips From Prague
As a traveller, I know that staying in one place for a while can be a little tiresome, and you wanna see more of the country and surrounding areas. Here are Generation Tours' recommended places for a day out away from Prague!

Kutna Hora - Czech Republic's largest ossuary

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to the Czech Republic's largest ossuary, Kutna Hora is not to be missed. It's only an hour train ride away, and you can pack so much into your day. There is a freakin' BONE CHURCH!! I mean, who doesn't want to see a chandelier or a coat of arms made out of bones? What about giant skull pyramids? So. Worth. It. Oh and there's a pretty cathedral and amazing hikes and a beautiful city centre too...
Bone church, Kutna Nova

Karlsteijn: beautiful castles in 40 minutes from Prague

Home to possibly one of the world's most beautiful castles. And also I think the only castle I know of that has never been conquered (bit of useless knowledge for you there....). The train journey is around 40 minutes from Prague, and it's another 40-minute walk to the castle, but I promise it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Bare in mind that the castle is closed on Mondays and during some parts of the winter. You can find out more at their website.

Český Krumlov - fairytale city for day trip

Thanks to the travel bloggers, in the past few years Český Krumlov has gone from being a quiet and sleepy town to a bustling city full of tourists. But just because it's on the tourist checklist doesn't mean that you should avoid it. It's a little fairytale city with cobbled streets and twisting little alleyways. And a lovely castle (of course, the Czechs love castles!), cathedral and rich in culture. This city has a really interesting history so be sure to take a day to explore.

Explore Brno: 2.5-hours bus journey

Brno is Czech Republic's second city. It's around a 2 and a half hour bus journey, and it's worth going to if only for the prices. If you think that Prague is cheap, then you'll think that you're robbing the good people of Brno! It's rich in culture and with a large student population, there's plenty to do! Go and explore the Capuchin crypt under the church where there are more skeletons to see. Oh, and the cathedral bells ring out at 11 o'clock instead of midday - don't get confused!

Bad Schandau: spa town in Germany

Okay...okay... you've caught me. This picturesque spa town is in Germany, not the Czech Republic. If you like hiking, then certainly consider this. It's only 2 hours on the train from Prague, and you'll get beautiful views of the Czech and German countryside. There are loads of hikes you can do around this area, most of them are not difficult.

Terezín: Czech history trip

A little unpleasant, but I think everyone should visit - Czechoslovakia's largest concentration camp. 2 hours from Prague and you'll see a different side to the Czech history than what you already know. However, this is the only concentration camp that I know of that had a 'rich cultural life'. As many of the Jews sent to this camp were well-educated musicians, poets, writers, artists and scholars, the inmates rallied together to create this cultural hub. At least 4 concert orchestras were developed in this camp!
I hope this gives you a little inspiration of what you can do during your time in Prague. There's plenty to see and do, and as you may have already noticed - the Czechs love cathedrals and castles! Everything here has a rich history, dating as far back as the 1300s (maybe even a little further in some cases!). At Generation, we hope that you have a great time!

By David explorer, Angharad Owen