How to do Beer Spas in Prague for beginners

Date: 19 April, 2019
How to do Beer Spas in Prague for beginners
If you’re a regular pub crawler on your travels, chances are you have a fondness for beer. If you’re visiting Prague, chances are you love beer; but the biggest beer drinkers in the world, the Czechs, don’t just like to drink their delicious brew – they bathe in it too!

For many of you, this might sound like heaven, and indeed beer spas in Prague are a luxurious experience, but you probably have a few questions about how to do a beer spa in Prague – I know I certainly did before I took the plunge into a bath full of booze – well, here’s some answers.


What happens at a beer spa?

Essentially, you get into a relaxing bathtub of beer. The tub is made of characteristic old wood, like Oak for example, not unlike an aged cask wood, and you enjoy a soak and whirlpool jacuzzi while treating yourself to an unlimited supply of beer from your own personal tap.


Is it actually beer in the bath at a beer spa?

In essence, yes, but not exactly - it’s a mix of ingredients used in the beer brewing process; yeast, selected strains of local hops, malt grist, sugars, and hot water. Many of the best beer spas in Prague also add some ‘beer oil’ which softens skin.


Can you drink it?

No, you shouldn’t drink the ‘beer’ you’re bathing in at a beer spa – not only is that slightly gross, it isn’t exactly beer that your basking in. Although the concoction sudsing around you consists of many of the same components, it hasn’t been brewed and there’s no alcohol content. But, fear not, you do have unlimited beer to drink from your own tap! This was my first question, which perhaps reveals my unhealthy relationship with beer – but it’s a valid question all the same.


What are the benefits of a beer spa?

It’s all about the therapeutic benefits of beer on your body and mind – skin, joints, and nervous system. A beer bath helps with revitalizing your nervous system, improves blood circulation, relieves pain, aids detoxification (ironically), and leaves you with smoother skin as it unclogs pores and exfoliates. It is also rich in vitamin B and proteins which helps regenerate your hair, as well as your skin. There’s evidence of beer baths being used for medicinal purposes as far back as the Middle Ages.


How much ‘beer’ is in the beer spa bath?

There are generally about 350 Litres in each tub, that’s well over 600 pints in each, and some spas even have thousand-litre tubs! That might sound somewhat wasteful but remember that beer is cheaper than water here in Prague, and there’s a lot of it.

If you’d like to immerse yourself further into the world of Czech beer and local Prague brews, then join us for our excellent Craft Beer Tour & Tasting experience to visit three local Prague pubs with a local guide and beer expert and discover the styles & flavours of our local craft beers, learn about the history, culture and even the science behind our beautiful brews, with food and 11 delicious beer tasting  samples included.


Is it public or private bathing at beer spas in Prague?

It’s a totally private experience, so it’s only going to be you (and your friends if you’ve brought any along) in the baths. The other areas of the spa, such as relaxation rooms etc., may be private or shared, depending on the facilities - it’s something to check out when making a booking or choosing which beer spa in Prague to visit.


What are the best beer spas in Prague?

There are lots of beer spas in Prague, all a very decent standard and offering similar experiences and value. We do recommend the Original Beer Spa, also known as Beer Spa Žitná, on Žitná street – this was the first beer spa in Prague, and they now also have a sister spa, Beer Spa Rybna, on Rybna street.

Both have thousand-litre tubs (though if you prefer a traditional bath shape to lie back in, then this may not be for you), wheat-straw beds, private fireplace, and fresh home-made beer bread. Their Žitná beer spa even has a ‘hop sauna’ in your room.

We also highly recommend Bernard, Pivni Lazne Beer spa who has not one but four locations in the heart of central Prague. The service is top quality and the experience is always refreshing. They use the 35o litre tubs, so it’s much more like a bath than an over-sized beer barrel and, a nice touch, you get an original historical seal bottle of Bernard beer and certificate after the treatment.


Do I have to wear swimwear in the beer spa?

You can if you’re more comfortable in swimwear, but you’re free to let it all hang out too, get naked and enjoy having beer swish around all your bits. Towels and robes are usually provided and there are of course secure lockers to keep your clothes and belongings safe, as well as comfortable dressing rooms for before and after the spa experience.


Are beer spas in Prague for couples?

The beer spas in Prague are great experiences for couples, individuals, or groups – whether stag or hen parties, girls’ weekend, or on a guys’ trip to Prague, a day at the beer spa is an ideal way to relax and get tanked! If you’re a larger group, you can usually rent out beer spas for as many hours as you like.

Is there more to beer spas than just beer baths?

Yes, if you have enough will-power to get out of a nice warm relaxing bath infused with natural goodness and tear yourself away from an unlimited supply of free beer on tap, you can rest on a comfy bed of straw (it’s actually surprisingly nice) or a heated bed, or treat yourself to a massage, or indulge in some beer-based cosmetics. And, you can take your beer from the personal bath-side tap with you too during any additional beer-therapies you might opt for.


What about after the beer spa?

Other than feel relaxed and rejuvenated, there’s no real ‘aftercare’ required, though they do recommend not showering for at least 12 hours afterwards so that your skin and hair can reap the full benefits of the nutrients you’re absorbing.


How much does a visit to beer spas in Prague cost?

Different spas have different rates, depending on if they charge by the hour, by treatment, packages, etc. but despite beer been cheaper than water, a visit to a beer spa isn’t exactly cheap; that said, it is a really cool, unique, and beneficial experience. You should expect to pay about €50 per person if you are two people, or €65 - €75 as an individual.


Other helpful info about beer spas in Prague

  • Usually, the water is about 36 degrees Celsius, but you can ask for this to be adjusted.

  • Barley is not usually added to the bath, due to the potential for allergens, but do check with your beer spa assistant beforehand for what extracts are used if you suspect you may be allergic.

  • Beer spa sessions usually last for an hour to an hour and a half, depending on any additional treatments you may have opted for. Of this, about 20 – 40 minutes are spent in the baths, depending on treatment, and unlimited free beer is available throughout your entire session.

  • Despite being surrounded by beer, you don’t have to be 18+ to attend a beer spa in Prague but those under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult and refrain from drinking the free beer – yeah, good luck with that, responsible parents!

  • You’ll be on your own in complete privacy but can easily summon spa staff at any time if needed.

That about covers it, beer-lovers, all you really need to know about beer spas in Prague where you can literally immerse yourself in beer - the dream!

Of course, you can enjoy downing a few more beers with us on our nightly pub crawl in Prague too if you’re looking for a great night out in the Czech capital with lovely local guides and fellow like-minded pub crawlers. You’re really spoiled for choice in Prague when it comes to beer.

We hope this info has helped you look forward to a Prague beer spa adventure, but don’t be afraid to ask your lovely local free tour guide for more info and recommendations while you’re in the city; A beer spa is, without doubt, a truly unique thing to do in Prague, and a whole lot of fun with the added bonus of being relaxing, rejuvenating, helping to relieve any ailments (pun lovers, read “ale-ments”) you might have, therapeutic and healthy. Na zdraví!
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