Prague: Where To Find Good Coffee

Date: 5 March, 2015
Prague: Where To Find Good Coffee
I know better than anyone else that Prague is a busy city. Full of tourists, workers and students. It can be difficult to find somewhere quiet away from the hustle and bustle to have a nice cup of coffee. Although Prague may not be like Berlin in any way shape or form - we are catching up on the coffee bar scene! Luckily for you... NEXT City Tours knows where to go!



The Globe Cafe And Bookshop

Expat-central and Prague's first English bookshop. You'll have no trouble not being able to speak Czech here - the menus are in English, the staff speak English, the books are in English and the signs are in English! Here they serve American-style food (including a breakfast burrito!!) and have various events on in the evenings throughout the week. You'll feel right at home here.



Cafe Rybka

Hidden in the mysterious streets behind Narodni Divadlo, there's (what I call) an 'authentic coffee shop'. Here you expect to see students and writers and philosophers sucking on a cigarette debating politics and the meaning of life, the universe and everything. There's a really nice atmosphere and it's a great find!



Anonymous Coffee

Very near to the tram and metro stop I. P. Pavlova, you'll find, in my opinion, one of Prague's best cafes. A real hipster place and expect to find students sat in front of their laptops studying profusely. I love this place and I always pop in when I walk past.



La Boheme Cafe

Ooooooh yeah baby. I simply cannot get enough of this place. A little further from the centre - a 5-minute walk from Namesti Miru but oh so worth it. It's got a real vintage feel and has flowers hanging around and shelves filled with loose leaf teas and delicious coffees (in fact it's so good - you can buy their roast!!!) I cannot put into words how I feel about this place. It's like home and I want to move in, forever.


original coffee


Again, another Hipster Hangout. This absolute darling of a find is hidden in the twisty streets of Old Town. The coffee is good, the cake is good and everything is good. They also do their own blend of coffee here and it is absolutely de-lish-ious.




Again, this is found hidden in Old Town, and you'll recognise it from the witty board outside. It's like walking into Grandma's home with old mis-matching chairs and tables, an old sofa and even a rocking chair. They have a little bookcase selling second hand books for 150CZK - absolute BARGAIN!! The brownies are excellent - be sure to try one. You won't regret it, I promise.


By coffee-addict, Angharad Owen