Prague's Veggie Hot Spots

Date: 27 February, 2015
Prague's Veggie Hot Spots
As a (new) vegetarian, I’ve found that finding something decent to eat in Prague almost impossible. I’m fairly sure that here they consider meat to be 4 out of 5 of your '5-a-day', beer being the fifth. The only vegetarian traditional Czech dish is fried cheese. Granted, it is delicious, but having this every day can be pretty boring when your pals are tasting a variety of different foods. Here’s my guide to the lesser-known veggie-friendly eateries here in Prague.

Lehká Hlava

Directly translated as “clear head”, this is probably the most well-known veggie restaurant in Prague. They specialise in foods from all over the world including Mexican, Tapas and Oriental. If you’re trying to save some pennies (or korunas), check out the lunch menu for a lovely price of 115CZK.

Radost FX

When I discovered that this was a vegetarian restaurant, I was completely astonished. You see, it doubles as a nightclub. Here, the prices are a little more expensive, but the portions are massive and are totally worth it. They also do a lunch menu for either 120CZK or 150CZK. They also have a brunch menu at the weekends. Perfect cure for your hangover!

Beas Vegetarian Dhaba

Beas Vegetarian Dhaba

Beas is a little mini-chain throughout the city, with 3 branches. It specialises in vegetarian Indian food, and instead of choosing from a menu, you pay by weight. Nifty, eh? Although if you, like me, are prone to having bigger eyes than your stomach, it’s not necessarily that much of a money saver :(



Ok, this isn't exactly a restaurant BUT it is a cafe with very delicious veggie snacks such as quiches and pastries. There's a few dotted around the place, and each one has a welcoming, homely feel, and it’s one of my favourite places to relax with a coffee.

Love Kidó


All the way up in Prague 7, Love Kidó is definitely worth a visit. It’s a bistro-come-cafe-come-groceries sort of place. They strive to ‘bring the countryside to the city and the city to the countryside’. The menu changes daily, and all the meals are completely fresh every day. It’s like a little home away from home!

There you have it! There are other places dotted around, but these are my favourites. It’s nice to know that in a place where meat is a staple food in the local diet, that there are some places to go. You just have to know where to go ;)

By veggie-nominator, Angharad Owen.