The Best Places in Barcelona to Instagram

Date: 3 December, 2019
The Best Places in Barcelona to Instagram
If you’re one of the billion or so active Instagram users, and you have a penchant for travelling, you likely go into Instagram over-drive when on trips, snapping the unique sights and sites around you to share with your friends, family and wider audience.

Well, if you’re soon to visit Barcelona, you’ll be blessed with so many incredible Instagram-worthy places to visit and cool things to get photos of, you won’t know where to begin.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled the best spots in Barcelona for taking great pictures, videos and stories to give your Instagram game a quality-boost. Whether you're a culture-vulture, a live music aficionado, a hardcore foodie, the unapologetic hipster, or just one of those 'eternal traveler' types, there's a perfectly primed Instagram opportunity for you to grab in Barcelona. Happy snapping!


Sagrada Familia - The quintessential Barcelona Instagram snap.

Okay, let's start with an obvious one! If you're travelling across Europe, the chances are you'll have Church and Cathedral fatigue before too long, but trust us when we say that this one is just a little bit special.

Construction on this utter leviathan began in 1882 and STILL hasn't been finished. It was halted for the bitter Spanish Civil War before recommencing and, although it has been postponed several times since, is expected to be completed in 2026.

Designed by Antoni Gaudi (expect more from him later), this one-hundred and seventy-two meter high, Gothic/Catalan-modernist masterpiece must be top of any self-respecting traveler's list upon landing in Barcelona - especially one who takes pride in their Instagram profile. It's a simply remarkable looking thing, and certainly one of the most instagrammable sights in Barcelona.

Exterior of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Insider Tip: The Ayre Hotel Rossellon has a rooftop terrazzo which offers some pretty good views. Bonus Instagram points if you get the sun coming up behind the church.

Oh, and Gaudi is to Barcelona what bread is to a sandwich - so you might as well get to grips with his genius on our free Gaudi walking tour in Barcelona . That'll be a good way to snap some excellent Instagram pics here too!


Casa Batllo - Add some Barcelona Art-Nouveau to your Insta game!

Next up, we're sticking with the seminal Antoni Gaudi as we take a trip down the famous Passeig De Gracia to visit another one of his many marvelous works - the Casa Battlo.

The house, built in 1877 and then redesigned by Gaudi in 1904, is one of the most striking buildings you're ever likely to see and one of the most famous in all of Barcelona. The flowing lines of the stone work, the irregularly shaped windows, the shimmering mosaic tiles and the dragon inspired roof all whirling and swirling around each other make this famous house a must-see for anybody looking to make the most of their time in the Catalan capital; especially if you want to add a splash of quintessentially Gaudi Art Nouveau and Modernisme to your Insta game.

All that and I haven't even mentioned the inside!

Exterior of casa batllo Barcelona

Gracia - wine bars, bistros, colour and culture - Instagrammer's paradise!

You've been wandering for quite some time now. You lost the rest of your group hours ago and your hangover still hasn't subsided. That friendly looking old woman pointed in this general direction when you asked her in broken Spanish if she knew where Park Guell was and, although she seemed nice, that was quite a while ago - your faithful optimism is slowly giving way to a creeping, clammy panic. You've used up all your roaming data, your mouth is dry and your left shoe is cutting into your Achilles tendon. Your eyes dart nervously around at the unfamiliar streets and buildings when your gaze is caught by a little side-street.

Street art in Gracia district, Barcelona

The Mediterranean sun dances and flitters across the pavement of the narrow, elegant street lined on either side with cool Catalan bistros, charming bars, cafes and restaurants, galleries and indie boutiques. The throng of the city-center suddenly feels like it's a million miles away. The dulcet tones of a single guitar come wafting from a doorway and you follow its scent inside. A small dog puts a tall, cool drink in your hand and for the first time in days, you've loosened your grip on your passport and the tear tracks on your cheeks run dry.

That's right, baby; it's Gracia, one of the best places in Barcelona for taking Instagram pics & content. Thank us later (preferably with an instagram mention).

Bonus tip: There's lots of quirky and intriguing things to see and snap here that will make for impressive Instagram images; check out the clock tower at Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia - it's a local landmark.

clock tower in Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia in barcelona

More of Gaudí’s art nouveau architecture can be seen throughout Gracia, such as Casa Vicens, a grand mansion, but the highlight is without doubt the delightful, fantastic, wonderland that is the hillside Parc Güell.

Park Güell - Alice in Wonderland had nothing on this!

It's impossible to venture around Barcelona, in all it's majesty and beauty, without encountering yourself with the work of Antoni Gaudi; the city itself is his showroom - and with that in mind, we've succumbed to adding just one more of his works to this list and it's not without DAMN good reason, so either write your own article or accept it!

Upon approaching Park Guell, you'll recognize the buildings either side of the entrance as being the brain-babies of our good friend Mr. Gaudi, being in keeping with his Catalan Modernistic style (you're an expert now, remember?), but that's just a little taste of what's to come inside.

Imagine a fairy-tale palace garden that exists only inside the mind of Antoni Gaudi. If it's colorful, quirky, fun and funky you want to inject into your Instagram - you won't be disappointed.

Park Guell in Barcelona

Palau de la Musica Catalana - Add some grandeur to your gram!

Move over Gaudi, there's another Catalan Modernista in town and he's brought his big, beautiful music concert hall with him!

One place in Gracia that I feel does deserve a special mention is the Palau de la Musica Catalana (say that a few times fast after one too many Estrellas) Every inch of Lluis Domenech I Montaner's early 20th century concert hall is dripping with Catalan modernist opulence, ensuring that even the most unqualified Instagrammer will be hard pressed not to come away with something AT LEAST story-worthy.

Interior of Concert hall in Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter - the foolproof Instagram quarter

This is what it's all about, Instagram fans. Narrow, winding, medieval streets. Curved archways and Gothic architecture (obviously). Street vendors, bars, clubs and restaurants, oh my!

When you have Fontanella Street to the North, The Passeig de Colom to the South, Via Laietana to the East and La Rambla Boulevard to the west; you, my friend, are in The Gothic Quarter. To take a picture anywhere in this part of Barcelona that is anything less than an aesthete's fever-dream is a damning indictment of you and whatever excuse for a camera you're clutching in your sticky little road-scuffed, idiot-hands. That was harsh, I'm sorry. It's just, Barcelona's Gothic Quarter really is that beautiful. . .

Gothic quarter in barcelona

The food stalls and flower sellers on La Rambla Boulevard, the remains of the Roman City at Museo d'Historia, Placa del Pi's weekend art market, the Gothic Cathedral at Placita de la Seu or literally just any little side street or alleyway, The Gothic Quarter is a welcome treat for even the most threadbare of travelers. Just walking around the place is enough to transport you to another time and there is a wealth of great spots to keep those Insta feeds fed and those stories. . . . storying. .. .

You'll see and learn all about the Gothic Quarter, and more of the city besides, on our free tours in Barcelona with us excellent local tour guides.


Barcelona nightlife - The Insta stories you won't remember in the morning!

From rooftop bars, beach-front clubs, fantastic live music, vibrant night-owls, and the freedom to dance until dawn, Barcelona is an absolute party city. A proper night out in Barcelona is a must-do when here, and your Instagram would never forgive you if you didn't share a story or two documenting the revelry. We welcome you to meet new fellow party-buddies, and us lovely locals, on our unbeatable Barcelona Pub crawl. You'll be sure to avoid tourist traps for the best bars and clubs, and get free beer & sangria, free shots, free tapas, and free VIP entry to all venues. Your Instagram followers are sure to be jealous.

A group of young tourists on a bar crawl in Barcelona

There you have it, pals. Don't say we don't look after you! It's over to you and yours, now. May your hand be steady and your focus be true. Your framing be effortlessly breezy and your use of filters be both subtle and tasteful. We've brought the proverbial horse to water; now you must make sure it at least gets a decent picture of the drink.

Thank you for reading. Tag us @generationtours and maybe we'll share your pictures to the masses.
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