Vegan Eats: The Best Vegan Food In Budapest

Date: 15 July, 2015
Vegan Eats: The Best Vegan Food In Budapest
From someone who enjoys nothing more than a bucket of fried chicken, I can assure all you carnivores that vegan food in Budapest is just scrum-diddly-uptious! Budapest may be known for Goulash and Lángos as a local delicacy, but damn do they make good vegan food here too. It's not all eating leafs and chomping on sticks either, vegan food in Budapest is a lot more filling & satisfying than you might think.

So we've compiled a list of fantastic (and cheap!) places where you can pick up a great healthy and hearty meal for a tinsy amount of money. These are the best vegans spot in Budapest.

Napfényes Restaurant



There's a few Napfényes Restaurant dotted around the Pest side of the city, but my goodness can you pick up some good hearty food here. It's an ideal place to check out if you're after a giant portion of healthy food for a small amount of cash. They also make some refreshing homemade lemonade! Plus it's got a million raving reviews, so you're guaranteed a decent bite to eat.


Ganga Vega Cafè


This is just skip away from the central Arany Janos metro station. What does it offer? Only a small amount of dishes but it's dirt cheap, you can pick up a big plate of vegan goodies for under €5! Not bad, not bad at all. You can check out their Facebook here.


Az élet étterme


If you're checking out the stunning Parliment building it's definitely worth popping into Az élet étterme. You won't find an egg or milk in sight, plus they're not only famous for they're delicious range of vegan food, but for they're cakes too!


Hummus Bar

Hummus Bar

These are EVERYWHERE. But for a good reason. It's one of my favourite places in Budapest to grab a Falafel, so much so that my local Hummus Bar are familiar with my order and have begun drawing smiley faces on my takeaway box. Their prices are cheap, the dishes are fantastic and they have both vegan and non-vegan options! No wonder I keep coming back.

Edeni Vegan Etterem


Located in the Castle District on the Buda side, it's a great place to check out after a long day of sightseeing. Edeni Vegan Etterem has a wonderful alfresco area where you can enjoy some vegan burgers and watch the world go by. The staff are really friendly and super friendly with non-Hungarian speakers.

By All-Round Food Embracer, Catherine Munnelly.