Where To Find Barcelona's Most Bad-Ass Brunch

Date: 25 March, 2015
Where To Find Barcelona's Most Bad-Ass Brunch
Brunch is a fabulous time: it's when you go over the hilarious and sometimes horrendous details of the night before. It's when you get properly acquainted with Carlos, or Carl or whatever their name was. And most of all, it's the time of the week when you f*ck all your dietary promises out the window in favour of maple bacon pancakes, eggs and a sneaky mimosa.

Well, if there's one place on Earth that brunch is King it's Barcelona. From the freshest juices to the most nutrient-packed grub and down to the unbelievably cheap prices, yep brunch in Barcelona is pretty f*cking amazing. This is where to find Barcelona's most bad-ass brunch.

10. Brunch & Cake


Brunch & Cake is renowned for the best brunch in Barcelona and it's easy to see why. Their pancakes are pretty out of this world, their menu is a cauldron of hangover cures and not to mention the majority of dishes are under €10.

9. Milk



Whether you need to wake up or sober up, Milk conjures up some f*cking amazing coffee. They're honestly titled "Recovery Brunch" menu is highly praised amongst dishevelled locals and tourists alike, with their Bloody Mary known to be the best in town.

8. Norte


This chic little brunch stop is as refreshing as it is to the soul, as it looks to the human eye. If you're in the mood for something light, or if your stomach lining is in shreds, I recommend trying their pastries and a cheeky cappuccino. You'll be happy you did it.

7. Caravelle



Have you ever woken up so hungover you feel the need to immediately inhale as many nutrients as possible? Well Caravella is the perfect place to restore your body's needs, and forget about dry-humping that pole you stumbled upon in the club the night before. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

6. Picnic



How good do those iced-juices look? They make me feel like a better person even looking at them. Just imagine how delicious they are when you've got a serious case of the hangover sweats. I'll be honest with you, these bad boys have saved my life on numerous occasions. Definitely worth checking out ladies & gents.

5. Satan’s Coffee Corner


Satan's Coffee Corner-min

I love this little alternative cafè. Located in the architecturally beautiful gothic quarter is a great place to grab a coffee and a snack before discovering this part of Barcelona. It's Instagram central #SorryNotSorry.

4. Federal Café



Another fab place to stuff your face! Their brunch dishes are absolutely scrumptious! If you're in the mood for a slightly tame atmosphere then Federal Cafè is the place to be if you want to eat your goddamn bacon in peace!

3. Teresa Carles

Teresa Carles is every vegetarian's Havana. With 35 years experience under its belt, it's no wonder veggies from all over Barcelona flock here for brunch come Sunday. Between incredible selection of yummy salads and juices, it really has something for everyone, including carnivores. Personally, as someone who would happily live off steak and fried chicken for the rest of her life, this place still has me drooling.

2. Granja Petitbo



love this place. It's such a great place to chill after a night of absolute carnage. The food here is pretty unbelievable in flavour and price! I recommend grabbing a few new buddies or newly acquired lover (*winky face*), down to hang out and eat some pretty great brunch.

1. El Vaso de Oro

Sometimes the only way to recover is to get back on the waggon. So naturally, my number one brunch spot would include a place that brews their own beer! Beer wins me over every single time. Match that with some delicious sandwiches and cold dishes and you've got yourself a winner.

That's it, lads, you're probably all starving after that. Go forth and brunch my friends.

By Beer & Bacon Lover, Catherine Munnelly.

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