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Gettin' Crafty: A Delicious Guide To Dublin's Craft Beer Revolution

What do you think of when you think of Ireland? Rolling green hills? Diddley-aye music and dance? Guinness? A picture perfect pint, emblematic of the nation and considered in many ways as much of a valuable cultural export as a beer commodity and that is due in no small part to the Guinness dominance of the brewing industry here for a remarkably long, long time. For the majority of people, Guinness features in their top three answers to that question and it's no surprise.

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21 Reasons You Need To Visit Dublin In 2015

There are so many reasons why every backpacker should check out Dublin. As Ireland’s capital, it’s cobbled streets and narrow roads are lined with some of the liveliest bars in the world. As small a city as Dublin is, it sure has a lot to offer.

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